About Us

Training positive was developed as an internet resource of video tutorials that teach scientifically grounded dog training techniques. We promote positive reinforcement and force-free dog training methods. We believe that any behavior exhibited by any dog can be modified without the use of pain that is involved in aversive training techniques. We are committed to standing behind these claims by demonstrating the power of positive training. We know that dogs do better when they are encouraged to move towards desirable behaviors instead of being compelled to moving away from unpleasant consequences. We value building a relationship with dogs that is based on trust, respect, and patience because the end result is a better behaved dog who is consistent, reliable, and far more obedient.

In the past few decades, the field of behavioral psychology has revealed that all living beings adhere to principles of learning that govern all our behaviors. However, we fail to clearly see these principles in action and use them to our advantage. Training positive aims to change this by translating behavioral science and dog psychology into simple and practical strategies anyone can do at home with their dog. Our current focus is on providing high quality video content directly to our audience to help fill the knowledge gap that has become increasingly polluted with misinformation and bad advice. We hope that you will join our cause and support our efforts by sharing what you have learned with others.


My interest in psychology and fascination with dogs merged in the world of dog training. Working with dogs in different professional capacities sparked my curiosity about the application of learning principles to dog behavior. At an early age, I became an active consumer of dog training information. I was fortunate as a student of psychology because I could more easily distinguish principles of learning from pseudo-science.  Misinformed ideas about dog training are ineffective at best though usually cause more problems for both people and dogs in the long term. Unfortunately, the blame gets placed on the dog in some way (dominance, temperament, etc..) After working with dogs for some time, I committed to pursuing higher education in the field of psychology given my interest in teaching and working with people. Through the years, I have been able to share my passion for teaching people how to train their dogs. I believe that any person is capable of training a dog if they:

1) Fully commit to the process 

2) Learn to distinguish dog fact” from dog fiction” 

3) Practice and learn from their training experience

 For most, the biggest challenge presents itself with “2″ because our mainstream culture tends to lack accurate scientific information. In addition, even when we are able to find the right information, putting it into practice is challenging. Learning a set of instructions from a book and applying them fluidly to a dog (who presumably has not read the book) can be a major obstacle. 

I decided to join a community creating dog training videos that would help overcome these obstacles by providing clear, simple, and easy to understand content. What started as small creative venture has become a treasured passion. I am deeply appreciative of the interest my amateur videos have attracted but even more excited about the impact they have had on the people and dogs who have found value in them over the years. 



Solea is a long-haired German Shepherd Dog. She was born on December 25th, 2007. You will see her as the subject of most of my videos. She loves to be in the spotlight and believes it is her job and duty to perform for the camera. Her patience during filming is truly impressive. Although she was not a natural retriever as a puppy, it quickly became one of her favorite activities. Solea also enjoys tracking scent and has a presence that is naturally therapeutic. She is the inspiration for Training Positive and the reason why any of this has been possible.  She has been a part of my training adventures from the start and accompanied me on adventures across the globe.



Watson is a yellow Labrador retriever. He was born on May 2nd, 2017. He is featured in my newer videos and can be seen learning to perform various behaviors. He enjoys fetch, using his nose, and long car rides. He is an especially friendly dog with an eagerness to learn and work. He approaches training tasks with confidence and has flourished under positive reinforcement training. Watson will continue to be featured in a video series that will be available in the upcoming year on YouTube.