Dog Training Magic

Being the audience to a well-trained dog is as joyful as it is magical. How mysterious to see dogs fetch drinks from the fridge or to solve mathematical problems? It is befuddling to think how a dog can comprehend and

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How often should you train your puppy to maximize motivation?

One of the concerns that many new puppy parents have is about the frequency of training. Although it is a wonderful experience to have all the right tools to train your dog, and equally exciting to see the fruits of

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Moving Beyond Dominance

As you are probably aware, there are camps in the world of dog training. Divergent perspectives on how to reduce unwanted behaviors and even eradicate them entirely. It’s become a sensitive and often heated topic of debate between professionals. On

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A Dog’s Perspective: Generalization

I am often asked why dogs behave well in some situations but poorly in others, and what exactly can be done to allow them to demonstrate their good manners more consistently. You have undoubtedly heard me talk about the importance

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Viewer Questions: How To Train “COME HERE!”

I recently made a video on training your dog to come when they are called, and then extended on my Facebook page an invitation to address any further questions on the issue that weren’t most obviously answered in the video.

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What to expect when you’re expecting…a puppy!

So you’ve decided that it’s time to get a puppy. You may have read some of the books and browsed a few of the websites. You may have even seen some dog training video tutorials, but what you’d like is

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Why train positively?

The idea behind training positive is not new, but it does require us to pause and consider what it really means in this context, and how it can be of help to people who are training their dogs. Imagine an

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