Video Tutorials

Complete Step-By-Step Dog Training Tutorials

A common question that I often get asked is about the order in which people should watch my tutorials or what they should teach their dog to do first. While there is no ‘correct’ way to go about this, I have organized the tutorials into three separate groups that may be helpful. However, the issues these videos address are inter-related so you may prefer to skip around between the playlists and that would be a perfectly fine way to go about it.

  1. Basic Obedience & Puppy Training Playlist: This is a collection of videos mostly for people that are beginning training and relationship building with their dog. It is the foundation upon which most things are built – and in my opinion are the absolute essentials that every dog needs to know.
  2. Advanced Training & Behavior Modification Toolkit: This is a collection of videos that are building upon the basic foundational work and are taking the training to the next level. Here you will be introducing distractions and newer more challenging behaviors. In addition, this playlist also helps us look at how to address behavioral problems and do troubleshooting when things aren’t quite working as we would like them to.
  3. Dog Tricks Playlist: This is my personal favorite, because here is where our training becomes truly remarkable. A magnificent display of the depth of connection that one can have with their dogs, this set of tutorials will take you step-by-step into teaching your dog tricks that will make them a real show stopper.

Basic Obedience & Puppy Training

Advanced Training & Behavior Modification

Dog Tricks